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This Crown print is designed to make a statement in any room it is in. With it's bold lines and it's empowering size feel like a king or queen in any room your in.

This print would look good in a home office, bedroom, living room, the options are endless.

You have a choice of 3 different styles of crowns, so go ahead a choose one that fits your personality and the kind of statement you want to make in your home.


In the box provided please select the number that correlates to the crown you want.

This print is available in:


All prints are done on high quality 250gsm card, this print is produced on White Linen textured card for a luxurious dynamic look.

Our prints come in a cellophane bag for protection and posted in a hard backed envelope.

This is a one print product.

Frames and other accessories that may be pictured with the print are not included, this is a one print only product.

If you have any questions about the prints please do not hesitate to contact us.