Custom Vinyl Lettering/Labels

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Our vinyl labels will make organising your home easier and prettier.

They are great for sticking on to glass, tin or ceramics. Perfect for labelling plastic water bottles, glass storage jars, plastic storage boxes and many other hard surfaces you wish to customise.
They are waterproof which means they can be hand washed.

As well as organising your home you can label any hard and smooth surface by personalising it with your name or any fn text you like. This includes items indoors and outside including cars!

But please note if the item you are sticking the label on was previously dishwasher friendly you will no longer be able to wash it in this way as the label will deteriorate. So those items will become hand wash only.

One decal can have up to 12 letters (with or without spaces). PLEASE NOTE: I cannot cut trademarked names such as Zoflora, Fairy and Lenor. 

The wording will be a minimum of 3 inches wide per word, the height will vary depending on the word but will always be proportionate depending on the width chosen.

In the personalisation box please list the words you would like. Some popular examples are tea, coffee, sugar, cookies, hot chocolate, popcorn, treats, pasta, flour & rice.

Colours Available:

Black (matte or glossy)
White (matte or glossy)
Gold (matte or glossy)
Metallic Rose Gold

How to order;

•Please select your colour and quantity in relation to the number of words you would like.
•Select the font you wish for your wording to be in.
•In the personalisation box add the words you want with a comer between each word,
•Sit back & await your order. You’ll receive a notification when your order has been dispatched.

If you wish to have a preview of the font with your chosen words this can be arranged prior to purchase, just send me a message and I will email the preview through to ensure your happy with the look.

Vinyl Information:

This vinyl is suitable for indoor and outdoor use on interior walls, mugs, glass, wood and cars. It has a durability of 3-4 years for Glossy and 4 -5 years for Matt, if maintained well it can last for much longer.

If you are purchasing the vinyl design only, it will come with transfer tape on the design. You will receive an application instruction on how to apply your design. All of our designs can be removed from the wall without leaving any residue behind.

Our Vinyl Decals come in a cellophane bag for protection and posted in a hard backed envelope.

Application instructions are included with your purchase, please follow these instructions to ensure the vinyl is applied correctly and lasts.

If you have any questions about the prints please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that items that are applied incorrectly/improperly will not be able to be returned. Once the vinyl is applied it can not be repositioned. The Buyer will accept all responsibility for the application of each item. These items are effectively 'sold as seen'. As the buyer, you are responsible for the surfaces, application, spelling/colour any mistakes lay with you. I, as the seller, are not responsible for the items after arrival, storage & application.