Santa's Foot Prints

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Have an extra special magical Christmas with your family this year with these Santa Foot Print Stencils or Vinyl decal!

There are 2 stencils 1 left and 1 right foot per design. They are a rough adult size 8.

Perfect for making magical memories over Christmas. Simply sprinkle Talc, flour or powdered sugar over the stencil to create Santa's footprints in your home and garden!

The vinyl foot prints can only be used on smooth surfaces and stay fixed in place, once removed they can no longer be used again, so it's a one time use item.

Our stencils can be used year after year and is made from durable acetate.

Perfect for using on Christmas Eve and throughout the festive period.

To order your Santa foot prints select the style you would want and then the material.

It comes packaged in a board-backed envelope to protect them in transit.

Only the foot prints are for sale and anything else pictured with it is for display purposes only.

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